HydbestSurveyors Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a land survey?

A: The Land Survey is a kind of measurement or assessment which is done by a surveyor to ascertain the piece of land owned by the landowner. It land survey generally maps the boundaries and mapping for buildings.

Q: What is a boundary?

A: Boundaries are generally the demarcations being made on the land which becomes the assessment parameter for the land owners. The Land surveyor’s are those professionals who are on the job of land assessment and eventually play a key role in determining the boundary assessment for the piece of land.2

Q: Why should I survey my land?

A: Surveying of a land becomes utmost important to resolve a complicated or a confused assessment of a property in hand. In general, though land surveying becomes a cumbersome process to undertake, it still becomes a documented evidence for a property owner to have the minute details of his property and its boundaries, which shares with its immediate neighbors.

Q: What is the role of a land surveyor towards your property assessment?

A: The land surveyor has an important role to play when it comes to the property assessment, the land surveyor is competent enough to have a first round of research on the existing land and then physically assess the piece of land and bring about a detailed analysis of the property with exact dimensions to the property owner. Hyderabad Best Surveyors have been a land surveyor since decades and have been offering the surveying services with 100% error free surveying documentations which become a legal document.

Q: Why should I choose a professional land surveyor?

A: The professional land surveyors offer a high technical service which goes in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and codes pertaining to the particular land. We at Hyderabad Best Surveyors have been offering professional land surveying and take into account the comprehensive technical parameters to ascertain the property owners about their land.

Q: What are the general parameters that the land surveyors use to establish boundary lines?

A: It goes without mentioning that, establishing a boundary line in a said property is not as simple as to take a tape to measure the length and breadth of the land. The land surveyors adopt various permutations and combinations and bring about the integration of various tools with them which accurately measures the dimensions of the land and hence assess the property in the documented format.

Q: Does the surveyor use GPS and satellites to perform a land surveying?

A: Indeed, many surveyors do use the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to assess the land surveying and to define property boundaries. GPS system has indeed been a wonderful tool used by many of the land surveyors today and through these systems; the land surveyors have been able to bring about the accurate land surveying and property assessments. Hyderabad Best Surveyors have been implementing the best practices of GPS and satellites to ascertain the land surveying and have created milestones in the accurate analysis

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